Women’s Suit


Bespoke Suit, Custom Made Dress, Personalized Fashion.


A Modern Suit that mean business

We make the finest woman’s suits, blazers, pants and shirts from hand-picked fabrics sourced from all over the world. Each tailor made garment is custom exclusively designed, precisely made-to-measure and is well-measured to fit your size and image perfectly.



Make You Different Among The Group

Actually, the color of the suit is the first thing someone will notice – even before the brand, the cut, number of buttons, etc. With the right colours, any smart outfit can appear more stylish, contemporary, and coordinated. So, whether you’re dressing for the office or a formal function, colour is an important factor to consider.


Be Different But in Designer's Sense

In order to look differently from the others, fabrics play a big role of making the different.  Beside from wool’s, there are some suiting fabrics that you can look into, like corduroy, custom-printed fabric, velvet, denim, linen and knit fabric.

Personalized Button

Personalized Cuff

Personalized Tie Clip

Personalized Handbag

Personalized Shoes

Personalized Lining


Personalized The Accessories That Identify Yourself

Present yourself Exclusively in an attractive manner. A modern and stylish business professional dress code for men that combines designer’s sense and personalized accessories attached.  We also offer personalized accessories that identify yourself as a Brand


Design Your Collection.

Tailoring is an art that involves fitting and engineering skill. You need to balance the the fitting within body size and adjust every part of a garment for perfection.


Between Fit And Slim

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