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Tailor Made Suit & Shirt For Winter

Especially you want to travel to foreign country during winter season, you will start to look for winter shirt or clothes. Deciding what fabric to choose when buying a suit is important, especially during the coming months as this will make a difference when the temperature starts to drop. Which is why we have created a guide on fabrics for the winter season. 

Tailored Winter Coat

We are good in tailor making winter coat or wind coat. You can choose the design through our official Pinterest.

Tailored Winter Suit

We have the fabrics material that suitable for winter season as below:


Wool is a great fabric to choose when looking for a suit, as it gives you a soft and wrinkle free look. They’re also available in different varieties so you won’t be lost for choice for example tweed, flannel, cashmere and worsted.


Cashmere is one of the most luxurious suit fabrics on the market. It’s known for its soft texture, comfort and warmth. However the only issue with this fabric is the lack of durability. If thinking of buying a cashmere suit go for a blend of wool and cashmere or polyester and cashmere. This will help the suit to last longer and won’t wear out so quick. Cashmere is a great fabric for keeping you warm no matter how cold the weather is, as it is highly adaptable to climate change.


Tweed is the perfect fabric for the winter season. The fabric is made from wool and is created by combining three different coloured yarns, which are then twilled which gives the fabric a distinctive pattern. Tweed has many advantages such as its thick, warm, water resistant and durable. However the only downfall for this fabric is the texture, as it is very coarse when touched. However if you don’t mind the feel of the fabric, then tweed would be a great fabric to choose.