How to find a good tailor in Kuala Lumpur? Reasonable price and good craftsmanship.

Good Quality Suit Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya

“How to find a good tailor in Kuala Lumpur” is a hot topic discussion in the forum. The first question you should ask is “How to define a good tailor Kuala Lumpur? There are some factors that you should look at  as below:


Of course, you need to pay higher for a hand sewn suit from a tailor Kuala Lumpur. Definitely, body fit to a suit is very important. In kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. the first time buyer will judge from the tailor service and body fit suit.


It really depend on whether you are an experience suit buyer or just want to buy a suit for convocation or graduation event. Nowadays, young people are looking at slim cut suit, single breasted, single vent and close fit to the body. Most of them are looking at affordable price rather than buying a suit cost them a few thousand.

Buying a suit from ZARA, G2000 or any ready made suit off the rack.

If you buy a suit from Zara, cost you around RM 499 for a blazer and RM 149 for a pant, comparing to tailor made a suit in a tailor shop. I would rather encourage you to get a suit from a tailor shop. Well fitted to your body size.