Suit Tailor Kuala Lumpur, Now It’s Uber Concept

Suit Tailor Kuala Lumpur

When choosing a suit tailor Kuala Lumpur, style is important, comfort is key and fit paramount. If you want to look good in a suit, then it should actually fit you.

Very few men have the measurements of a male model and even fewer designers take this into account. But help is just an inside leg measurement away. When you are buying a suit, it really must fit around the shoulders and chest. All the rest can be altered.

The world is divided, into men with square shoulders and those with more rounded posture. The typical square necked bloke is an athletic type. He stands very straight, whereas tailoring traditionally allows for a little postural slump. Our straight-necked hero will have the problem of collar pull – where the collar is pulled backward, giving the wearer a look that he is being dragged backwards. Adjusting a suit to fit your body is all part of the service at Saraline Fashion Studio, where expert alterations are made free of charge with any purchase, to a period of 30 days from the time of purchase, except for sale time.

For men who are unusual shapes or just hanker after unusual cuts, bespoke or made-to-order is an option. Saraline Fashion Studio has a veritable library of wonderful cloths, which can be flown in from Europe in a week. A made-to-measure suit tailored by Dormeuil, the famous Anglo-French bespoke tailors, is a simple and affordable option. Choose from hundreds of superfine fabrics, be measured and leave the rest to us.