Be Unique Of Your Own Fashion.

Women’s And Men’s Customer, Now you can design, choose your own fabrics, fashion cutting following your body size.

We have more than 3 thousand design of fabrics for shirt, suit, skirt, dress & trouser. You can easily choose your favorite fabric and match the fashion design of your own. The process of ordering your own designed shirt are as below:

  • Free Body Measurement Taking
  • Choose Your Design From Our Designed Template
  • Pick The Fabric To Match The Design
  • Ask For Quotation & Estimate Price From Us
  • Send For Production
  • Doorstep Delivery & Self Collection

We have lady indoor stylist to serve you for your design and take your body measurement, especially for women’s customer


High Quality Of Finishing

4S6721-07 SHIRT 02
AW6727-02 Shirt 01
Uniform Design With Oxford


You will be getting to know more about the fabrics type and the comfort of every fabrics you choose for your fashion. Some of the fabrics are as below:

  • 100% Cotton, 40S, 60S, 80S, 100S, 120S, 140S, & 160S
  • Cotton Blend Linen
  • Cotton With Lycra
  • Cotton Blend Wool
  • Cotton Blend Tencel