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Tailoring Services.


We provide tailoring service for Men’s Suit, Women’s Suit, Corporate Suit, Wedding Suit, Office Suit, Student Suit & Tuxedo


There are many type of blazer types like Formal Blazer, Casual Blazer, Summer Blazer, Linen Blazer & Bush Jacket


You can choose 3 buttons, 4 buttons or 5 button vest. You can source some good design from pinterest as well


We can tailor made casual pants and formal pants. Nowadays, customers are looking for stretchy material for pants.


We can so all kind of skirt. Long, short, mermaid design, pencil cut, waist band with elastic or without elastic.


Dressmaking is one of our core business. You can bring over your own fabric and let us know what design you want.

This is where magic happens. Come and say hi.

Selected work.


It takes time for any customization on fashion. If you can list out the requirement, it will definitely be a lot easier.

Fashion Sense

We always keep track the changing of the global fashion trend. We also update our fabric collection on monthly basis

Mixed Match

Mix and match concept is not only related to color but also the combination of everything like fabric and accessories.


Self branding is a matter how you personalize your own taste of fashion. You can have everything exclusively.

Pattern Bank

Our pattern bank is to keep your body measurement along with the exact figure of every garment you make with us.

Mobile Tailor App

Our mobile app is coming soon. You can check your body measurement and size that fit you well in fashion.

Copy Your Favorite Fashion Into Your Wardrobe

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Online Magazines.

Saraline - Men Magazine

Tailor Made Fashion For Men

We collect the most trendy fashion for your reference

Saraline - Ladies Magazine

Tailor Made Fashion For Women

We collect the most stylish fashion for your reference

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. We do. You can order by measuring your own body or measuring your favorite cloth following our guidelines.

We have fabric swatches for sale but you can rebate the money through your order above RM250.

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