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Men’s Blazer

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Casual Blazer Tailor Made

Why should you wear a blazer that is made to fit thousands of different people? Your body is unique to you. But this is exactly what you get when you buy your blazer off the rack. Same like tailoring a suit, we create men’s and women’s blazer that are tailor-made to fit the exact measurements of their bodies. So, not only will your blazer fit more comfortably, you will look better, too. Plus, our tailor-made clothes are made with exceptional quality workmanship, so they will last longer than blazers that come off of the rack.

When you come into our studio, we follow a time-honored process in order to create a tailor-made blazer that’s just for you. First, we learn more about your individual preferences concerning the style, fabric and color. We also want to know color matching for your pant that will be worn, where it will be worn and its purpose. Our expert tailors will work with you to find a style that is flattering for your body type, while providing you with a  blazer that has a timeless elegance.

Our professional tailors will show you a variety of fabrics in your color choices. We carry an extensive inventory of the finest fabrics and linings that you can choose from, in a variety of colors. Our high-end textiles come from some of the world’s most distinguished mills, including many Italian mills.


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