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“Grab Car” Or “Uber” Tailoring Is Popular And Trendy Now

The idea was brought up to deliver the tailoring service to your doorstep during your free time. Sometimes, it’s too busy and traffic jam to travel in the peak hour and just to get a tailor made cloth done. You will feel tired to travel after work as well. You can book an appointment with our lady tailor or male tailor to serve you at your office or home. Fabric samples and designs will be presented during the meeting.

Mobile Tailoring Service Fee Is Lower Compared to Traditional Tailoring Service

In terms of saving your travelling time and tailoring cost, booking an appointment with mobile tailor to your doorstep is the best solution. There is not much different from tailoring a suit in a tailor shop compared to mobile tailoring service.  The mobile tailor ( Mobile Stylist ) will present the fabric books and fashion design collection via mobile phone or Ipad.

After you have selected your design with fabrics, our mobile stylist will schedule a date and time for the fitting. You can settle your payment via our mobile credit card device or bank transfer.

Express Delivery 24 hours ~ 48 hours is available