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About Men's Suit.

Business Suit

A business man need a professional business for any occasion and event. You mean business on what you wear.

Wedding Suit

Office suit can be casual or formal. It also depends on what environment you are working at. 

Sport Jacket

Work blazer can be outdoor and indoor. You can choose linen or cotton material for making your blazer for cooling purpose

Casual Blazer

Custom printed blazer is popular in the market. You can choose your favorite printing design for the blazer

Winter Coat

100% wool is good for winter. It keeps you warm all the time during the winter season if you are going abroad for business or study.

Bush Jacket / Vest

Not only for driver, bush jacket can be used for special event if we have done a minor modification on design.

Saraline Fashion Studio specializes in tailoring suit for men’s customers. We also tailor made male's sport jacket, pants, vest, bush jacket & blazer.

We take your body measurement and cut it a unique pattern, exclusively for you. Fitting is the most important process that determines how you look in shape.

Selected work.

Luxury Bridal Satin

For any special event or occasion, bridal satin is a good looking material for photography and presentation.

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric gives us a cooling feel and summer look. We highly recommend use imported Irish Linen for your suit


You are a man wearing a red tuxedo suit. Tuxedo suit design can be stylish and fashionable.

Custom Fabric

Not only custom printed fabric, there are many custom weaving fabric with special texture.

Contrast Fabric

Contrast fabrics are meant to combine to different type of fabric. The above suit is a combination of denim  and wool.

Cotton Fabric

It gives you more Casual and Fashion look for any business meeting and event. It’s simple but looking good all the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We make easier ways for our customer to re-order their favorite cutting clothes online. For our new customers, a professional photography for personal portrait will be offered.

There are more fabric selections for men’s suit and shirt. There are fabrics material like linen, 100% cotton, wrinkle free, stretchy fabric  as well

Yes. Our express service will be within 24 – 48 hours for a suit completion. T & C Apply

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