Women’s Suit Tailoring Service

Professional Women Suit Tailoring Service Kuala Lumpur
Saraline, The Lady Tailor

Only lady tailor knows what is the best fitting and shape cutting for lady customers. Saraline Fashion Studio specializes in tailoring clothes for women’s customers. We custom and tailor made women’s suit, blazer, office shirt, blouse, pant, skirt, dress & vest.

Well-selected Fabric For Women’s Formal and Casual Outfit

The fabric always play an important role for slim fit cut and fashionable fashion. The most ideal suiting fabric for women’s suit is stretchy wool or cotton Lycra. We also carry modern and fashionable suiting fabric for lady blazers.

Modern And Stylish Tailoring Skill

Nowadays, customers are looking for modern and stylish style for their custom made fashion. Fashion design is one of our service to our customers or sometimes, some will search the fashion design through Google. We will apply our knowledge and experience to advise our customer accordingly based on the fabric and design.

Exclusively Bespoke For You

We take your body measurement and cut it a unique pattern, exclusively for you. Fitting is the most important process that determines how you look.

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