Dress Making And Tailoring Service

Stylish Women’s Formal And Casual Dress Making

Nowadays, lady customers are not easy to get a good lady tailor for their favorite dress and gown. There might has many gown makers or tailors in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. They still seldom custom made for lady formal and casual dresses for local customers. That’s why Saraline Fashion Studio comes into picture and serve you. Making a good shape and stylist women’s dress is our expertise.

Custom Made Women’s Formal Dress

We can custom design and ┬ámade dress design according to the customer’s requirement and we will also advise the suitable fabrics to meet customer’s design. We believe the process for the custom made details must be informative and affirmative. The final dress design needs to be confirmed and acknowledged by the customer before making. If necessary, We will request customers to draw or present the dress design. Every part of the dress design will be stated in the design form prepared.

Tailor And Custom Made Dinner Dress Or Casual Dress

We love fashionable and trendy dress like you do. You can search any dress design from google or Pinterest and discuss with our lady tailor for the fabrics and designs. We are pleased to serve you with our fashion knowledge and advice.

You Can Be The Designer.

It’s not difficult to design your desired dress nowadays. It can be easily modified or re-designed. To avoid to wear the same dress like others people who always buy the dress off the rack, you should have your own brand design in your wardrobe.