Custom Made Corporate Uniform Malaysia

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Custom Made Fashionable And Trendy Office Uniform

A fashionable and corporate image uniform consists of good design and fabrics. Saraline Fashion Studio uniquely custom made corporate fashion uniform in simple and trendy look for each staff. The combination of the corporate image are not restricted to shirt, pants, skirt or blazer anymore, it could be added in with fashion dress, blouse, fancy fabric, shoes & bag.

Receptionist Uniform

Receptionist is the front line staff that carry the first sight of the corporate image whenever visitors come in. It is the ┬ámost important uniform in a company. It will reflect the professionalism and the spirit of a company. For an example, if a company is involving a beauty line or skincare business, female receptionist’s uniform could be a dress and matched with white color.

Sales Team’s Uniform

The first image is so important to reflect the character of a sales personnel or professionalism of the company. There are 2 types of sales, either indoor sales like retail’s staff or outdoor sales like sales representatives. We design and custom made the uniform according to their working environment in order to fulfill the different requirement individually.

Besides the uniform design, a good tailor made uniform contributes a lot to the corporate image as well. It requires a slim fit cut or close fit cut to the body size of each staff instead of the standard size. Regardless of male or female’s staff, there will be a fitting session for better fitting.

Trade Show And Exhibition Staff Uniform

Companies can consider to tailor made corporate suits with design and color matching to the booth design. There are some fabric material you might consider like suits with mixed wool and shirts with 100% cotton material.

Design Business Attires For Agencies and Event Companies

We supply business and professional attires to companies like event companies, multi level companies, financial institute and insurance agencies. We welcome group orders from the same agency from the same insurance company that they want to tailor made their business attire related to their professionalism image.

Fashion Design Service For Your Corporate fashion attire.

We personalize the corporate attire for the entire agency individually. Every agent or member will be served exclusively on how they want their business look like. We will take body shape and body size into consideration for getting the best result when come into group images. It’s not only color and design matching but also the fitting of each member.