Fashionable Corporate Uniform is Essential to Business

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Fashionable corporate uniform is the trend nowadays. We set the benchmark in your corporate environments, at events and exhibitions and out on the road in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The right uniform will instill a sense of pride and sophistication reflective of your brand. We design corporate uniform in details according to your corporate image

Design Corporate Uniform For Franchises

Its essential to a successful franchise that staff across all franchises represent your brand seamlessly so that customers are able to recognize and trust your brand throughout your franchise network. We design fashionable corporate uniform in a overall picture according to the concept of franchise in Malaysia

Banks and Credit Unions Uniform Are Uniquely Designed

Trust is important when you’re dealing with people’s money. So it’s no surprise that consistently branded, stylish uniforms are essential to building consumer trust in your financial brand. We design fashionable corporate uniform based on the fabric durability and local weather in Malaysia

Local Government

Council teams, transport services, lifeguards, aquatic centres and more …. Our product range caters for all staff within a local government environment with stock-service or custom made garments manufactured to specification. We offer our clients a generous warranty period and a flexible exchange policy to ensure the perfect fit.

We understand your industry and what matters most to you and your staff.

Our team of uniform experts offer the industry’s leading style support to ensure your uniform program sets distinction and style. Benefit from our industry experience as we work hand-in-hand with you to develop a wardrobe to complement your brand; fit-for-purpose with the comfort, durability and functionality we understand corporate staff require.