Fashion Tailor In KL

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Busy looking for women or men’s tailor in KL. Most of the people are concerning about the craftsmanship and fashion sense provided by the tailor. No worry. Saraline Fashion Studio is the combination of both tailor and fashion designer. You have come to the right site if you are looking for modern style of fabrics, designs, cutting for a suit, shirt, pant, blazer & vest.

The price for a suit through mobile tailor service is reasonable comparing the price to a tailor shop. The mobile tailor is ideal to the person who are always busy with works.

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A Modern & Fashion Tailor In KL

Saraline Fashion Studio is located in Cheras Business Centre. You can choose to select your own favorite color and fabric design for your new shirts.

Mobile tailor service

Our tailor comes to you, save your time and avoid traffic jam

It’s mobile tailor service. It’s not something new in the market. There’s that special something about a tailored or made-to-measure suit. It fits you and only you. And, somehow, you walk taller. Everything about the suit – from the fabric and the cut, right down to the lapels and the buttons – is your choice. Mobile tailor kuala lumpur has been launched since 2015

At Saraline Fashion Studio, we’ve made the tailoring process a simple, enjoyable and empowering experience. Let’s get this straight: there are no stuffy old men with mouthfuls of pins looking down their nose at you. Rather, our tailors will work with you to achieve the result you’re after. This means more than just taking measurements: it’s about listening, educating and bringing your suit to life.