Design Uniform Service For Corporate In Kuala Lumpur

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There are a number of reasons to change your corporate clothing. Especially, now many are looking for something unique, fashionable and slim fit cut corporate clothing or uniform. We are the specialist to provide and design uniform service for our corporate customers in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.


Choosing the right uniform is a critical part to any business. Saraline Fashion Studio has over 8 years of experience helping our customers to choose the right uniform. We can provide you with practical advice on the various materials, fastenings, styles etc. that are available to ensure your staff feel good, the uniforms supports the role and it creates the right first impression with your customers.

Design Uniform Kuala Lumpur

Our promise is to set the standard for creative, refreshing, innovative and uniquely designed uniform that incorporates comfort, function, durability and value. Our in-house fashion designer allows you to talk to someone about your design.