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A Fashionable, Stylish And Modern Tailor Store For Men

Saraline Fashion Studio, a stylish men’s tailor provides a high technology tailoring platform for those men who are after the trendy and stylish men’s suit. Therefore, Our thousands of different fabrics range from premium European, Asian & Japanese¬† fabrics for man who wants value for money.

Our Tailor And Custom Made Suit For Men

We make the finest man’s suits, blazers, pants and shirts from hand-picked fabrics sourced from all over the world. Each tailor made garment is custom exclusively designed, precisely made-to-measure and is well-measured to fit your size and image perfectly.

We offer a remarkably personal tailoring experience and specialize in individually hand crafted suits for business, wedding, formal and casual events. Welcome to book for a personalized tailoring, fitting and styling session at our tailor shop and have your uniquely tailored suit conveniently ready for collection within a few short weeks.

Tuxedo Suit For Men

In fact, We offer a reasonable price for making tuxedo men’s suit in Kuala Lumpur within Klang Valley area. We custom design the trendy tuxedo suit for business and formal events.

Slim Fit Suit For Men

It’s hard to buy a ready made suit that fits your body size perfectly. People tends to look for tailors that can make a slim fit and well-fitted suit for themselves. Therefore, old method of fitting the body is no longer used nowadays. Especially, the new age group of youth is following the Korean’s and European’s fashion trend.

Good Tailor For Men’s Shirt

In a nutshell, we combine contemporary designs to create beautiful personally tailored custom made shirts for men. Every shirt we make is hand-sewn locally in Kuala Lumpur. This includes measuring, styling, making and delivery.