Corporate Uniform Design Service

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Hotel Uniform Design Service

We have been designing hotel uniform for years. Before offering our uniform design proposal, we will get more information about interior design, theme color and the budget. Hotel uniform consists of bell boy uniform, receptionist, customer service, sales manager and cleaner.

Professional And Presentable Uniform for Housing Developer

Property industry has been booming for quite some years, especially local developers and property agencies are looking to upgrade their corporate image for high end residential projects. We will suggest some good quality of fabrics for their corporate suit, shirts, pants and dress. All of the corporate attire will be tailored made following their body size.

Hospital Uniform Design Service

We design modern blazer and coat for doctor and nurse for government and private hospital. As modern and fashionable uniform are getting popular, private hospital also upgrade and improve their hospitality image. Private clinic and medical skincare are willing to spend more budget for their career outfits.

Business Attire For Group Insurance Agency And Direct Sales Company

In order to get more insurance policies ¬†for their sales target, insurance agents are willing to pay more for their routine working outfits. As they are working as a team, our job is to mix and match for the male and female business attire. It’s not necessary to design the same look or attire, it could be matching yellow dress made with fabric chiffon and it goes with male’s suit with lighter yellow color.