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We have more than 3000 type of office wear design. Please feel free to register your name or company name with us. You can access to view more design online Register At Free Client Registration    

Women Body Measuring

Body Measuring Service At Your Office

We provide individual body measuring service.  Our bespoke fashion is built to your exact requirements and measurements. Once your body measurement is taken and it will be kept into online customer’s profile.

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Your Wardrobe Page

Build your wardrobe the right way We have created a special Your Wardrobe page where you can sign up and get ready to shop. This page helps you plan your wardrobe, keep track of past purchases and create a comprehensive record of your measurements and custom details to simplify future[…]

Mobile Tailor

Mobile Individual Tailoring Service

Message For New Customers Our Unique Service Offerings are as below Visiting Tailor Service ( Mobile Tailoring Service ). On our first visit, in case of re-ordering our other tailor made items, we will take your full body measurement in record and your favorite fashion cutting measurement as well Client’s[…]

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We record your body measurement on the first visit, easy for you to order online in future

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Evening Dress, Dinner Dress & Bridal Gown

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Fashion Business Partners

If you love sharing on social media, we would like you to be part of our team. Kindly send us your email for further discussion

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If you are thinking to work with us in glocal scale, you can contact us for more information

If you are looking for a career that inspire your sense of fashion, you can become our location partner in your location.  

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer Wanted

International Fashion Designer

If you are interested in designing the business and office wear, please feel free to contact us. We are looking at someone who can design the business dress, suit, shirt, blouse, pant and skirt. Please feel free to email for further discussion.